lunes, 16 de abril de 2018

Tattoos, piercings, clothes, hairstyle... do you like to follow trends? Explain

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Nowadays our image is extremely important. We have been told a lot of times that it doesn’t matter what we wear. Actually, too much time can be spent worrying about what we put on when there are more important things in life. Nevertheless, how we look is not as superficial as it is thought.

Regarding clothes, they are used to show where we want to be in society. It even informs people of our job and ambitions too. Personally, I am trendy. I usually wear jeans and t-shirts which always match, but I like looking stylish for special events. In addition, I hate sport clothes because I reckon that they don’t suit me. My hairstyle is not too risky, I prefer my natural colour and I don’t mind having a ponytail or two braids.

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On the contrary, I have neither piercings nor tattoos. Indeed, tattoos had a terrible reputation because the people who wore them were associated with delinquents. Today, they are becoming more and more popular, though. As well, I think that piercings don’t suit me, but I love wearing all types of earrings, I love all the jewellery!

On the whole, I would say that I like following trends, although not all of them. I prefer choosing those which suit me the best. What’s more, it is true that our appearance is important. However, I also consider that everyone has an own style which defines exactly who they are. In fact, what we are like and our values are what matters the most.

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Does advertising influence people?

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Today we are influenced by some adverts which are shown on TV. However, this is not the only way that they influence us. Modern films and TV shows also do it thanks to an advertising technique called “product placement”.

Resultado de imagen de does advertising influence peopleFor example, I usually watch a TV series which is about an ordinary family. The teenagers use stylish brand clothes and the latest laptop computers and mobile phones. This automatically makes us want to buy the products we see on screen no matter if they are expensive or not.

Product placement is a multi-million dollar industry. Currently, films show so many products that the actors look like salesmen. Companies pay millions of dollars for their products to appear in the latest films, but it doesn’t appear to affect the viewers’ experience and opinion about the plot or the characters.

Summing up, this phenomenon is happening more and more and audiences seem to accept it. In addition, they think that showing good products as luxury and designer brands means popularity, whereas they don’t give so much importance to other more important aspects of the film or the TV show.

martes, 27 de marzo de 2018

Do you fancy mermaiding?

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To begin with, what is mermaiding? Well, currently there is a new trend of dressing up and swimming like a mermaid. It is called mermaiding and it is practised by kids and adults, too. This is making a splash at the moment. The idea was originated in America but it is now popular in the UK and Europe.

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Going into a pool full of women wearing fish tails is like being into the familiar Walt Disney film The Little Mermaid. This looks easy, but it actually takes a lot of time, practise and money. Indeed, the breath hold is extremely challenging. It is also considered as a new extreme sport. In spite of it, more and more people are doing of mermaiding their new job. They just have to teach kids how to swim, breathe and move like a real mermaid.

On the contrary, although Ariel makes it look easy, being a mermaid is a challenging task. It is a cross between free diving and synchronised swimming with your feet strapped together. Thereby inadequate training and knowledge of one’s physical limits can lead to unconsciousness and death. Therefore, the best to overcome all of this is practising some mediation techniques.

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To conclude, I think that mermaiding is a good activity to have fun with friends. As well, I consider that we have to learn some previous techniques about how to do it, if not we can have some serious problems. By the way, I am thinking about doing my birthday party with a mermaid theme, the same as Kim Kardashian did for North’s birthday.

Barking trains

Barking trains? What is it? For a start, in Japan they have invented barking trains so as to prevent collision with animals, such as deer, on the tracks. It actually is an attempt to reduce the number of animal deaths on the railway.

Apparently, deer are attracted to railway lines because of a need of iron in their diets. Therefore, experts hope that this would be the best solution to stop it. The device has been devised by a team at the country’s Railway Technical Research Institute and has already reduced the number of deer spotted on the railway by 40 per cent.

Moreover, the deer have a habit of repeatedly snorting short, shrill sounds to alert other deer when they perceive danger, so officials explained they thought it would be a good idea to combine that with the sound of dog, which scares them.

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All in all, I reckon that it is always a good idea to protect animals, in this case the deer, and also the environment. What’s more, I think we should put into practice more ideas like that. Thus we could change our world to make a better one.

Drones, the solution or ....?

Resultado de imagen de dronesNowadays drones have become so common in the skies. In certain cases they have been dangerous, as it happened in an Enrique Iglesias’ concert, but there are many uses for them that bring us benefits too, as delivering parcels, saving lives, drones are taking off. Besides, they are sometimes also referred to as UAVs, which is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

For a start, drones have been around for quite a while in different forms. It is said that they were first used to provide practice targets for training military personnel. As well, drones have been a game changer for wildlife programmes on TV. This could help save lives in remote places, too.

Furthermore, using drones to deliver parcels instead of trucks cuts carbon emissions. It is even faster than trucks. As a result, Amazon has tried to use drones to transport goods weighing less than 2.5 kg, which make up a large majority of its deliveries.

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To sum up, I think that drones benefit us in so many aspects in our real lives. Despite this, they can be very dangerous, so we must know how they work. What’s more, all the rules have to be achieved for a good use and experience, because the safety of air travel is a big issue that no one will want to compromise.

domingo, 11 de marzo de 2018

Write about a book, movie, TV series... that you have enjoyed

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In this composition I am going to write about a TV series that I have enjoyed. The TV series is called Modern Family. Actually, it is a sitcom that was released in 2009 and has nine seasons. The running time is about 20 or 23 minutes. It is about the lives of Jay Pritchett and his whole family, all of whom live in LA.

On the one hand, the series is apparently about current modern families (nuclear, step- and same sex). It is presented in documentary style with the fictional characters frequently talking directly into the camera. In addition, Modern Family was acclaimed by critics throughout its first few seasons. The show won a total of 22 Emmy Awards.

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On the other hand, my favourite character is Alex Dunphy (Ariel Winter). She is a smart girl who goes to the university. She loves studying and reading books. As well, she is always arguing with her elder sister Haley and his younger brother Luke. I also love Gloria’s character starred by Sofia Vergara. She is a passionate Colombian mother who is always dressed up. She is so good-looking.

Summing up, I love watching Modern Family. It is because I watch it with all my family so that it is a good idea to spend a good time with them. Inevitably my sister and I can spend hours and hours watching it and never get tired. How obsessed we are!

What types of films do you prefer? Explain

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With regard to the types of films I like, I prefer the romantic and action ones. Traditionally, everybody has a favourite film that they watch twice or more. Furthermore, people usually watch films because of the actors that appear in them. Indeed, my favourite actor is Ryan Gosling.

First, the romantic film that I prefer is The Notebook, whose characters are Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The film tells a fantastic love story. Additionally, I also love Pride and Prejudice, Blue Valentine and 10 things I hate about you, among others. Last, but not least, I really enjoy watching Public Enemies, which tells about the search of the famous American robber John Dillinger starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard.

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Furthermore, my favourite action films are those about super heroes, in other words, I love the films about Marvel characters as Thor, Captain America, Deadpool, Wander Woman, Batman and also Black Panther. The one I love the most in Batman film is the Joker starring Heath Ledger. How fantastic he is! As a matter of fact, I love Black Panther soundtrack, which is interpreted by the rapper Kendrick Lamar, joined by other singers like The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott…

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In brief, I usually enjoy almost every film that I watch. By the way, I still remember the first time that I went to the cinema. I went with my cousin and we watched a romantic film. We spent such a good time together. In contrast, my sister doesn’t love watching films. How boring she is! She has neither a favourite actor nor actress. She doesn’t even know the name of the great classic films.