jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017


Resultado de imagen de thirteen reasons whyMy favourite programme is called "13 reasons why". It is a popular drama series which is shown on Netflix. It is based I the known novel of the same name written by Jay Asher.

The main characters are Hannah Baker (Katherine Lagnford) and Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette). What’s more, it is produced by Selena Gómez. The plot is touching.  The story is about a young called Clay, who received a mystery box with thirteen cassettes. The cassettes were recorded by Hannah, a school partner who had killed herself two weeks before; the thirteen reasons for which she decided to do it are recorded in them. Clay is really touched because he was in love with her. Each recording is about one person and Clay has to listen to all of them to learn if he was guilty or not.

All in all, I’d recommend this programme because it shows teenager’s real life and the problems they have to face. As well, the message that sends us is very important, stopping bullying, sexual abuse and depression. 


viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

What is a CV?

To begin with, when we talk about CV we refer to the term Curriculum Vitae. It can be literally translated as course of life. It is a summary of your career history that is often the first phase in getting yourself noticed by potential employers. A recruiter will typically take just five to seven seconds to read your CV, so that it must say hire me! Here are some pieces of useful advice: be impeccable with your spelling and grammar, make sure your CV is both digital and print-out, focus on using facts to describe what you do, be selective, use positive active verbs...

On the contrary, there is a difficult question. Is one career enough nowadays? Actually, I have no idea, but I think that it would be better in the future. Getting a career it is a difficult task, so two careers must be even harder. It is a good option if you want to learn new skills and this will bring us more employment opportunities.

Resultado de imagen de what's about a CV

All in all, I think that we should do our CV the best as possible because it reflects all our professional life and our future job depends on how attractive it would be. Personally, I reckon that just one career is enough to be able to get a good job. As well, we don’t have to forget the importance of having a good level of a foreign language.

Staying alive...forty years later!

For a start, I am going to talk about Bee Gees. Bee Gees was an English boy band which was formed in Australia in 1958 by the bothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. The trio was especially successful for the album Saturday Night Fever, called the same as the film. This album was extremely famous. As well, the band was one of the most popular for fifty years, selling more than 120 millions of copies. The group retired after the death of two members. In 2012 with the death of Robin and the death of Maurice in 2003.

Resultado de imagen de bee gees saturday night feverOn the contrary, they played a lot of great songs. Some of them are To Love Somebody, Staying Alive, Night Fever, Tragedy, How deep is your love… Music stars like John Legend, Ed Sheeran, Andra Day, Celine Dion and other pop, R&B, rock and country played homage to the Bee Gees and the group’s blockbuster 1977 soundtrack album Saturday Night Fever in an all-star Grammy Awards. Actually, Staying Alive spent 24 weeks atop the Billboard sales chart in 1977-78.

In my opinion, I think that the Bee Gees was an iconic band who defined a generation. What’s more, the song Saturday Night Fever soundtrack is an emblem of 1970s pop culture. In just a word, DISCO STILL LIVES.


domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

Papparazzi, a fair job?

Resultado de imagen de bella hadid flips off paparazzi
To begin with, paparazzo is a freelance photographer who takes candid pictures of celebrities for publication. Etymologically, this word comes from Italian and its plural form is paparazzi. Experts have described the behaviour of paparazzi as synonymous with stalking. Some public figures and celebrities have expressed concern at the extent to which paparazzi go to invade their personal space, like the model Bella Hadid who flipped the bird to them while walking in New York City.

One the one hand, paparazzo is thought to be a real pain in the neck. They are always taking photos of famous without their permission. If one of them took me a photo and I didn’t know it, I would be so angry, because I think nobody has the right to sell your photos to win some money. On the contrary, working as paparazzi has to be a difficult task, because you have to know all about famous, like where they go, what they like doing… and even invade their lifestyle. The most important task is taking photos discreetly and spending time among a lot of people not standing out.

On the other hand, Oprah Winfrey is an American TV presenter and actress. According to Forbes, she is the wealthiest woman in the 20th century. One of her most famous TV shows is Oprah Winfrey Show, which is seen by millions of people. I saw her the first time in a KUWTK episode, in which she had to interview all the Kardashian family. Later, I saw her in The Butler, a film by Lee Daniels, in which she and Forest Whitaker starred in. Thanks to a photograph, which was taken by a paparazzo, we know that she has six toes.

In my opinion, I think that working like paparazzi is a normal job, but they have to respect people’s privacy, but without them we couldn’t read gossip magazines and it would be such a pity.

jueves, 16 de marzo de 2017


I am going to write about the importance of learning a foreign language at school. Currently, everyone in Spain studies English both in primary and secondary school, although more and more French is studied. This phenomenon happened two years ago, when French had to be studied in primary school. Some people think that languages should be optional. There are several points to considerer.
Resultado de imagen de english

On the one hand, being able to speak English brings us a lot of opportunities. For example, it is easier to get a job and to move to a foreign country, where there are better employment opportunities. However, it is not only English which is an important language, but also millions of people around the world speak Spanish. In a country like USA, 20% of population can speak Spanish.
On the other hand, it is said that studying English takes a lot of time and effort and I have to say it is true, but unless you study it, you won’t be able to understand English music. Furthermore, you can make friends with people from other countries. What’s more, you can go on holiday to English-speaking countries.
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To sum up, there are more advantages than disadvantages to learn this incredible language, although I think that everyone has to choose if they want or not. In general, it is important to speak a foreign language, especially to learn about other cultures.

lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017

Boot camps, what are they?

To start with, I’m going to define what boot camps are. A boot camp is a disciplinary or programme in which young offenders are forced to participate in a rigidly structured routine. Actually, there are people who are not specific offenders, they are just rude teenagers.

On the one hand, they are a good idea to re-educate young people. Some desperate parents send their children to the camp when they get into trouble, as well when they have a bad behaviour. It’s a good solution to guide teenagers, make them feel like different people and help them to change their attitude to life. This type of camps is too strict and cruel, though. 

On the other hand, I think that parents have the responsibility of guiding their children from their early childhood. They have to educate them and be the best example for them. If you do things well, I’m pretty sure that your children will do things the same as you. It is said that like father like son.

All in all, if I was sent to a boot camp, I would feel very angry and miserable. I wouldn’t like that camp guards told me to give them all my personal possession. What’s more, I wouldn’t like the idea of being far from my family. At the moment, I think that my parents wouldn’t send me to one, because I’m a well-educated girl and a good student. 

sábado, 25 de febrero de 2017

What is about the Chinese New Year?

To begin with, it is true that so many Chinese people travelled three weeks ago because they were heading home for the Chinese New Year. Actually, this is the year of the Rooster.

First of all, the Chinese New Year, which is also known as the Spring Festival, is one of the biggest celebrations in the world. As well, it is marked by the lunisolar Chinese calendar, so the date changes from year to year. It usually takes place the day before of the New Year and continues until the 15th day. Each year is characterised by one of the twelve animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac. This year it is the Year of the Rooster, the 10th animal in the cycle. By the way, my Chinese zodiac is the Dragon and it means luck, flexibility, eccentricity and imagination among other things.

On the contrary, this celebration also takes place in London, which is one of the biggest outside Asia. Thousands of people go to London’s Chinatown, where a parade traditionally takes place to celebrate it.

Finally, I think that the Chinese New Year is such a great and beautiful festival. One of my friends bought an article in internet that came from China and the seller replied her politely that they were celebrating the New Year so he would send the goods later. 

Hi, Duck!! What is your most prized possession?

I am going to write about the greeting Duck and about what is my most prized possession although I have to choose among a lot of different things.

The expression duck is used in the English Midlands. This is a form of address to speak politely to someone. Pay attention to it if you hear it, but don’t be hurt as it is just a friendly thing to say. They usually use it when they talk with people with the same age as them or younger people. What’s more, in Glasgow, they use hen instead, but only when they talk to women. Another one is pet, which is used in the North East of England.

On the contrary, my most prized possession is a ring. It is special because it was given to me by my grandma. I think people have small possessions but they mean a huge amount of feelings for them.

All in all, I reckon that English has lovely ways to name people; in Spanish we have other greetings, but more informal.

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2017

A hypothetical situation

Resultado de imagen de atlantis paradise bahamas
           If I won the lottery, I would feel very excited and lucky. I think I would do a lot of things with such a huge amount of money, so I have got lots of ideas about how to spend it!

First of all, I would buy a small house in the mountain for my family. I would buy a sports car for me and I would get my little sister a new laptop. I would also spend money on a plane ticket to the Bahamas, because I have always wanted to go there. I would book a single room at the nearest hotel from the beach and I would visit Atlantis Paradise Island too. What’s more, I would donate some money for the charity. If I had any money left, I would ask for advice on how to invest it!

Resultado de imagen de mclaren p1

On the contrary, these are the things that I wouldn’t do. I would not waste it in too big parties. As well, I would not buy too many things to look lavish and I wouldn’t waste it in silly whims.

To sum up, I don’t think winning the lottery would make a big difference to my life, it is because I would still go to school since I would still like to get an university degree and to get a job in the future. What’s more, many people would feel jealous of me and I wouldn’t like it. 

martes, 31 de enero de 2017

I don't wanna live forever

Do you want to live forever? 

I am going to write about the topic of future and immortality. Both of them are connected because of uncertainty. Immortality is increasing thanks to the medical advances.

On the one hand, I wouldn’t like to live for ever. It’s because I think that if you live longer, you will have more problems. It sounds great but it could be unbearable. Furthermore, it couldn’t be the solution to all our problems, either. It doesn’t mean absolute happiness. By the way, there is a song called “I don’t wanna live forever” sung by Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik which is included in the original soundtrack of the film “Fifty Shades Darker”. The song is a sultry ode about feeling as if life were hopeless without an ex-lover.

Resultado de imagen de fifty shades darker

On the other hand, I think the world in the year 3000 would be very different from nowadays. I reckon that we’d love the environment, we’d respect nature, we’d recycle more, our lifestyle would be healthier, there would be less pollution and there would be a cure for all diseases…

To sum up, if you live forever you can get relax about the topic of death but you can also die, for example, in a car crash. I think that people have a cycle, where we have to be born and to die one day. On the contrary, the world in 3000 would have better living conditions and it would be healthier and safer because of awareness.

martes, 10 de enero de 2017

A Christmas letter

11 Espinar St
Lobres, 18610
14th December

Hi Mason,

How’s life in LA? Sorry we haven’t spoken for ages, but I’ve been very busy with exams. I have finished all of them, so I’m just waiting for my marks.

Now, I’m thinking about what to do during Christmas holidays. I’d like to go to Sierra Nevada with my family and to pay for skiing lessons. Also, I will study, especially Philosophy because I don’t know if I’ll pass it. If I study more, I think I’ll be able to do it the next time. But I won’t be all the day studying!

Resultado de imagen de philosophyMy cousins and I are organizing a party, which will be very pretty, at my grandma’s house. We are going to make a special dinner and give each other lots of presents. On the contrary, in summer I’ll be going to Monte Carlo to practise my French, and then, when I back, I’ll go with my friends to the beach or swim in the pool and I’ll sunbathe all day long. I prefer summer because I love sun. Have you decided what you’re going to do?

I hope your exams went well and you can relax now. Write soon with your news.

All the best,

PS. Try to write me in Spanish next time!

martes, 3 de enero de 2017

A stunningly enchanting New Year's Eve story

To begin with, I am going to write about New Year’s Eve and the traditions for this special night around the world, because it is not the same in all places.

Actually, here in Spain we are the only ones who eat twelve grapes to celebrate the New Year. It is said that doing this we have good luck for the next year. This tradition began in 1909 in Alicante because of a vintage’s excess. In another place like Colombia, at midnight, they walk around their houses with a empty suitcase to ask for a new year with a lots of trips. In Russia, they ask for a wish, they write it and then they burn it. Later, they put the ash in the champagne to drink it. What a burning toast! In Canada, they drop cold water onto their heads. It is such a freezing experience that is only meant for brave people. And on the east of the country, the tradition says that men have to disguise as women and women as men. In Argentina, it is thought that if you wear some pink underwear, you will meet your true love. This is like a signal to Cupid to do his job.
Resultado de imagen de new year eve

This time I preferred staying at home with my family. I think that is a good idea to rest this night and to start the year with people you love the most, like friends and family. However, I don’t think this is such a special night, because each day is a new opportunity to try to make the best day ever. 

My most beautiful word in English is happiness because it sounds fantastic and it has a great meaning and in other language is amour, in French. I really like this word because it sounds so sensual and its meaning is simply fantastic.

Resultado de imagen de happiness

George Michael

For a start, I am going to write about George Michael. He was an English famous pop singer, songwriter and producer. During his career he won lots of prizes. He was born on 25th June 1963 and he died on 25th December 2016 with only 53 years the same day as Christmas, it is such a pity. It is said that he died because of a cardiac failure while he was sleeping.

Resultado de imagen de george michael
His musical career and even his lifestyle was marked by sex and drugs, he also declared that he was homosexual. At first he started a group with a childhood friend and they sang together in a pop group called Wham! Careless Whisper was his very first single like soloist, which was a hit. A documental called Different Story, done in 2005, tells his personal life and his career.

I am not fond of him, but I really like one of his songs, it is Careless Whisper. I think that it is an incredible song to dance with someone special, together and slowly. Romantic stuff!

Resultado de imagen de grasshopper club zürichOn the contrary, talking about word formation the adjective that comes from craze is crazy. The verb that comes from hopper is to hop. Based on this word we have both grasshopper, which is an insect and Grasshopper Club Zürich, a Swiss football team.